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As a pilot operated company, We definitely understand the challenge, time and expense required to achieve those goals and want to offer aircraft at a very reasonable rate to help with your training to “get it done” as quickly and affordably as possible.

  • time efficiency
    Time is significant for pilot training. We offer full time efficiency
  • Safety
    Safety is first priority for us. Our maintenance team will be with you all time.
  • Personal schedule
    we offer fully personalised and flexible flight schedule
  • many airports
    We care quality of training. You may land as much airport as possible
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Popular routes

We think that time building flights should be both fun and instructive. In this context, We plan international cross country flights to many amazing places.

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Treviso – Italy

Distance: 290 NM Time: 04:25

Poprad Tatry – Slovakia

Distance: 230 NM Time: 03:15

Graz – Austria

Distance: 210 NM Time: 02:50

Heviz Balaton – Hungary

Distance:50 NM Time: 00:40

Moribor – Slovenia

Distance: 130 NM Time: 01:50

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frequently asked questions

Pilot-in-Command (PIC) flight experience is earned when you are the sole manipulator of the controls and operating an aircraft in which you are rated. Professional airline careers require a minimum amount of flight hours in order to qualify for pilot positions, including specific PIC time requirements. Our students earn PIC flight experience typically with a time-building partner onboard; however, students may conduct these flights solo based on their country’s Civil Aviation Authority’s requirements. Most commercial airlines have minimum PIC hours listed in their hiring requirements as well.

Yes, of course there are female pilots at Noir! We have been empowering women in aviation. Approximately 10-15% of our student pilots are women, and that number is increasing as more airlines are hiring female pilots. Women in aviation used to be less common, but we expect to see many more women become commercial pilots. We are extremely proud of the women who train at Noir!

Yes. Headsets are included. But You are welcome to use your own.

You may pay via cash or bank transfer. And We offer pay as you go payment style based on safety.

Yes. We provide hotel room in our base at Kaposvar Airport and flat in Kaposvar city. You may find current rates on our accommodation page.

  • PPL(A) or CPL(A)
  • Valid Medical Certificate
  • Pilot Logbook
  • Passport



what our customeRs say

To begin, the atmosphere at Noir Aviation is unlike any other flight training environment. Instead of feeling like just another customer, the staff treat you like family and take a personal interest in your success. From day one you are greeted with a smile in a professional environment that encompasses all that is necessary and land a job at the airlines.

Gokay Yuksel

From the moment I started my flight training, I felt like a part of a family. Everybody at Noir make everyone feel welcome, they help you create high ambitious goals and most importantly help you achieve them.A better surrounding for study is hard to find, and I will be forever grateful for everything they gave me.

Alper Bay

Moving to a new country and starting a new education took me out of my comfort zone. However, this was also one of the main reasons why I initially decided to go. To have a chance in the aviation industry you must be ready to move and adapt to new cultures. All Noir team helped me a lot in that period. Thanks millions...

Furkan Pala

I have flown all my PIC hours with Noir team. It was not just time building for me, also pure fun… I enjoyed every second of it. I would recommend to everyone who wants to be a commercial pilot.

Onur Küçük
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