Well sought for its ability to be fully scalable and high-fidelity, its the go-to solution for integrated and thorough ATC training.

The 2D and 3D immersive simulator supports training in the development of practical ATC skills required for day-to-day operations and simulation of emergency scenario management.

Realistic radar, procedural and airport tower simulation environments are provided for the training of en-route, approach and tower controllers.

The solution is highly customisable and adaptable, offering the full training spectrum, from ab-initio to operations and refresher training in a realistic airport and airspace environment.

Virtual Tower Simulator

  • Seamless 360° visual environment
  • Airport visual database with 3D models of all buildings and airside structures, runways, taxiways and aprons including an accurate rendering of markings
  • Interactive control simulation
  • 3D models for aircraft, vehicles and ships
  • Generates day and night scenarios as well as different weather conditions
  • Simulation of aircraft emergencies

Radar and Surveillance Simulator

  • Facilitates full training spectrum in air traffic control surveillance operation
  • Allows flexible distribution of processes across computer elements:
    • Surveillance detection
    • Radar data processing
    • Flight data processing
    • Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B)
    • Wide Area Multilateration (WAM).

Procedural Non-Radar Simulator

  • Provides comprehensive procedural control operations training
  • Available as a standalone or integrated module with the virtual tower or radar simulator to create complex scenarios
  • Oceanic control

Voice Communications Control System

  • Integrated voice communications network with a realistic simulation of all ATC air-ground and ground-ground communication functions and facilities
  • Integrated voice recording and replay synchronised with the ATC simulation exercise
  • Customisable voice recognition feature

Additional capabilities

  • ATC ConOps development and validation
  • Airspace design and optimisation (sectors, routes, approach procedures)
  • Remote tower camera positioning
  • Airport or airspace visualisation tools
  • Electronic flight strips
  • Safety nets
  • Approach sequencing
  • Sector workload display


  • User-friendly data preparation facility
  • Supports flight data processing simulation
  • Aerodrome lighting panel simulation
  • Advanced instructor and simulation tools
    • Advanced replay capabilities and instructor debriefing tools
  • Simulation of aircraft emergency scenarios
  • Electronic flight strips for IFR/VFR/military flights
  • Use friendly voice recognition editor for easy addition or modification of phraseologies
  • Civil and military aircraft manoeuvres
    • Formation form and break including military approaches

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