Noir Aviation group is a multinational company with activities and innovative initiatives in many areas of the aviation industry for more than 10 years. The fields of activity of the group companies consist of flight / pilot training, air taxi, aircraft maintenance, commercial aircraft sales and operations consultancy, aviation system management and software solutions, and pilot career consultancy.

Noir Flight Academy currently offers pilot training programs approved by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and local aviation authorities to pilot candidates with its campuses in Slovakia / Zilina and Hungary / Kaposvar. You may see our bases in detail under ”Our bases” menu. After the cadet pilots have successfully completed their training, the cooperation with Noir continues very tightly. As the Noir team, we provide them with an exclusive career counseling.

International Environment
Focused on Quality Training
Exclusive Aviation Network

As the Noir team, we see pilot candidates not as customers or students, but as future colleagues. This approach brings along self-confident and decision-making pilots. That’s why Noir’s greatest strength and reference are Noir pilots, who continue their careers in many countries with confidence.

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