What is NVFR course?

Visual Flight Rules. After receiving the PPL licence flying is only permitted in visual flight conditions from sunrise to sunset.To fly after sunset and before sunrise, the NVFR rating is needed.

The NVFR rating is also a prerequisite for other trainings, for example to the commercial pilot or instrument rating. To be a professional, this training is essential for private pilot licence, as well.

NVFR Benefits at Noir academy:

  • Training at Our bases(Zilina/Slovakia and Kaposvar/Hungary)
  • Fast Schedule (2 days to complete NVFR)
  • No hidden costs (Runway light, landing fee etc.)
  • Winter & Summer availability


  • Valid EASA PPL
  • Valid Class II. Medical Certificate
  • ICAO Level 4 Exam

Training Program

Training program consists of theoretical part(3 Hours) and practical part(5 Hours)

How much does it cost?

For more detailed information you may contact us;

Let’s Talk!

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