What is Time Building?

To start your advanced training like Multi-engine Piston Rating or Instrument rating, You have to reach certain amount of flight hours. You have to fly as Pilot in Command hours after PPL(A) training to proceed advanced training. These hours may vary which type of training You will choose.

Entry Requirements

  • To be a PPL(A) holder
  • To be at least Class 2 Medical holder

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As a pilot We definitely understand the challenge, time and expense required to achieve those goals and want to offer aircraft at a very reasonable rate to help with your training to “get it done” as quickly and affordably as possible.
That is the goal, to build time as quickly as possible so you can move on to the next phase of your flight training.

Benefits At Noir Academy

6 hours per day

Choose where you want

Ask whenever you want to our experienced team

Instrument rating familiarisation in your PIC hours

Cheapest time building flying in Eu

Meintinance team will be with you all time

How much does it cost?

For more detailed information you may contact us;

Let’s Talk!

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