What is PPL(A) course?

Private Pilot License – EASA PPL (A) is a qualification that allows the holder to fly on single engine piston (SEP) aircraft in visual meteorological conditions (VMC) as pilot-in-command (PIC) or co-pilot on aircraft in noncommercial operations without remuneration. PPL (A) training is the first step towards becoming a professional pilot and designed for applicants with 0 flight experience.

Steps to Licence

Benefits At Noir Academy

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What is involved in the course?

The PPL flight instruction syllabus covers the following:

1- pre-flight operations, including mass and balance, aeroplane inspection and servicing.
2- aerodrome and traffic pattern operations, collision avoidance precautions and procedures
3- control of the aeroplane by external visual reference
4- flight at critically low airspeeds, recognition of and recovery from, incipient and full stalls.
5- flight at critically high airspeeds, recognition of and recovery from spiral dives.
6- normal and cross-wind take-offs and landings
7- maximum performance (short field and obstacle clearance) take-offs, short field landings
8- flight by reference soley to instruments
9- cross-country flying using visual reference, dead reckoning and radio navigation aids
10- emergency operations, including simulated aeroplane equipment malfunctions
11- operations to, from and transiting controlled aerodromes, compliance with air traffic services procedures, communication procedures and phraseology.

What theory exams are there?

In order for you to take the PPL skills test at the end of the PPL course, you will need to have successfully completed all nine theoretical exams in: air law, operational procedures, human performance, meteorology, navigation, flight performance & planning, aircraft general, principles of flight and communications. All of these can be completed at Hungary Civil Aviation Authority(Budapest); the questions are all multiple choice and have a pass mark of 75%.

You have 18 months in which to complete all nine exams from the end of the month that you have attempted your first exam, and once all exams have been completed, you then have 24 months from this date in which to successfully pass your PPL skills test.

You attempt each exam up to three times but all nine exams must be completed in no more than ‘6 sittings’ (a sitting has been defined as a period of ten days). In addition to these exams there is also a practical radio telephony test, conducted by an RT examiner in order for you to gain your radio license.

How much does it cost?

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