To begin, the atmosphere at Noir Aviation is unlike any other flight training environment. Instead of feeling like just another customer, the staff treat you like family and take a personal interest in your success. From day one you are greeted with a smile in a professional environment that encompasses all that is necessary and land a job at the airlines.

Gokay Yuksel

From the moment I started my flight training, I felt like a part of a family. Everybody at Noir make everyone feel welcome, they help you create high ambitious goals and most importantly help you achieve them.A better surrounding for study is hard to find, and I will be forever grateful for everything they gave me.

Alper Bay

Moving to a new country and starting a new education took me out of my comfort zone. However, this was also one of the main reasons why I initially decided to go. To have a chance in the aviation industry you must be ready to move and adapt to new cultures. All Noir team helped me a lot in that period. Thanks millions...

Furkan Pala

I have flown all my PIC hours with Noir team. It was not just time building for me, also pure fun… I enjoyed every second of it. I would recommend to everyone who wants to be a commercial pilot.

Onur Küçük
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